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 Assessment of employees’ health situation and ability to work


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General info

The purpose is to identify employees at increased risk of long term incapacity and employees who are in need of immediate therapeutic help.
It also identifies and isolates known risk factors related to the individual´s attitudes, social circumstances and health to detect known barriers to work. It is also used to get an overview of what the individual thinks is needed to improve his/her work ability.

Benefits of the tool

The tool benefit employers in the following ways: early identification of the employees who may suffer from health problems due to the work conditions or other factors. It ensures that the company retains skilled staff and spares the additional costs of recruitment and training new employees. It prevents from long-term sick leaves of employees.
While for employees, it results in having a sense of security and being taken care of by employers. It also ensures them that their voice is heard by superiors and their needs are not neglected.

How to use the tool

The tool consists of 14 questions (both open and close). The questionnaire should be filled in periodically especially by employees who show reduced efficiency and deteriorated quality of work. The detailed analysis of worker’s responses, conducted by manager or HR team member should indicate the problems to address and areas to improve.


Managers of small, medium and large organizations, HR team members


10 minutes

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