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  Toolbox Book
Ep1 - Workability

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Ep2 - Toolbox Examples

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In this analysis we focus on the search for suitable instruments aimed at maintaining work ability, and in this sense the first step is a definition of the term work ability.

According to Ilmarinen and Tempel (2002) work ability is the “ability to work (...) defined as the sum of factors that enable a person in a certain situation to successfully complete a task to manage something" . This includes physical and emotional vitality (physical, psychological, spiritual and mental health). Therefore performance, motivation etc. Interact with working conditions. The basis of selection and classification for the components of the toolbox will be the model of the house of work ability.

The 4 floors of the house make up the first rough classification:

- Health and performance
- Knowledge, technical ability (competence)
- Values, attitudes, motivation
- Work environment, work organization, leadership

Many of the mapped instruments will serve to raise awareness and approach a particular topic, some include an in-depth analysis and other tools will be concrete implementation tools.
Instruments can be classified as follows:

- Awareness tools
- Analytical tools
- Implementation tools

The toolbox should contain instruments for all three of the above-mentioned levels of specialization in order to give companies the opportunity to deal with different issues and with different objectives of work ability.