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 Return to work process


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General info
Module: Return to work process
Unit 1: General Information

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Unit 2: Return to work process

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This tool allows the users, based on their position in the enterprise, to understand the very meaning of the return to work process after a health problem or injury. This document helps reducing the time of further delaying of return to work process. The document offers a return to work guide and questionnaires for each profile to assess their knowledge and at which point in the process they did not pay any or enough attention, so they can adapt to the needs.

Benefits of the tool

Thanks to the offered guide and questionnaires, this tool will allow users to understand the return to work process, as well as to check if they ever encountered any step from the process, to know and to be able to take any of the steps for further use. The tools itself is raising the awareness of the importance of every step in the return to work process, because all of them together contributes to the success.

How to use the tool

This tool is sorted in 5 sections:
1. Return to work guide for Employee
2. Check form (questionnaire) for the Employee
3. Return to work guide for Employer
4. Check form (questionnaire) for the Employer
5. Action Plan
After you choose a profile, you must read carefully the explanations and guide offered, and then fill out the questionnaire form, which will show your experience related to the return-to-work process. Afterwards, each profile can evaluate the needs to implement corrections if needed.


Employers and employees


30 minutes

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