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 Onboarding – Induction of new employees


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General info
Module: Onboarding – Induction of new employees
Unit 1: General Information

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Onboarding – Induction of new employeesClick to read  
Unit 2: Onboarding – Induction of new employees

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This tool allows employers, managers and entrepreneurs of micro-enterprises and small business to better integrate new employees. New employees should feel comfortable from day one. Because satisfied employees are more motivated, more committed, more productive. And they stay with the company longer - which is increasingly important, especially in view of the shortage of skilled workers.

Benefits of the tool

The guide and the checklist help employers and managers of small and micro enterprises as well as entrepreneurs with the integration of new employees. The onboarding process is a tool to induct new people into the company with a clear structure so new employees can feel comfortable from the first day on.

How to use the tool

The tool is arranged in 2 sections.
1. Onboarding guide.
2. Onboarding checklist
Read the guide carefully and use the information it offers. The checklist helps you to catch up with every step of the onboarding process.


Employers, small and micro enterprise managers, entrepreneurs


20 minutes

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