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 Work-Life-Blending and work overload


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Module: Work-Life-Blending and work overload - Implementation measures and burnout test
Unit 1: General information

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IntroductionClick to read  
Unit 2: Learning about work-life-blending

What does work-life blending mean?Click to read  
Advantages of work-life-blendingClick to read  
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Unit 3: Tips for a good work-life-blending

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Unit 4: Getting to know what work overload means

Causes for work overloadClick to read  
Wrong attitude can contribute to overloadClick to read  
Burnout test: How at risk are you?Click to read  
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Unit 5: Tips to prevent work overload

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Preventing overload: 5 counter measuresClick to read  

Digitalisation enables access to data and media from almost everywhere. This means that the strict separation of work and private life is disappearing more and more. Work-life blending is the name of the game.

Employees can also be available for clients at the weekend. They can not only do part of the work in the home office, but also sort out private matters during working hours as compensation. Sounds promising, but not every employee or employer is convinced.

What significance work-life blending has in the world of work and what advantages and disadvantages are associated you will learn in this training.

Benefits of the tool

The training tool gives you a definition of what work-life blending means, gives you tipps on how to have a good work-life-balance, you can to a self-burnout test and check your health and you learn what is meant by work overload and how you can keep ypurself healthy when having too much work.

How to use the tool

The tool is arranged in 2 sections.

1. Information on Work-Life-blending and work overload
2. burnout self-test


Employers, small and micro enterprise managers, entrepreneurs, employees


30 minutes

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