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 Check Workability – Employees



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General info

Maintaining the workability is an important success factor for companies. Especially due to the extended working life, it is important to maintain and promote the workability at various levels. The workability does not only mean health, but also includes other important aspects in the company such as working conditions, the lived corporate culture and the skills of the employees.
The tool is a basic analysis tool to analyze the situation of management and employees about workability. It is a tool that can be used by an external consultant to take the right measures to improve the situation.
The recommendations for action show concrete implementation steps to promote the workability or point to a deeper need for analysis. Based on the 20 questions on all floors of the House of Workability according to Prof. Ilmarinen, the tool enables an excellent assessment of the workability capacity of the management and the employees.
Tool 5B_1 is the questionnaire for the management. Tool No. 5B_2 is the questionnaire for employees.

Benefits of the tool

The Check workability enables a first introduction to the topic of workability and provides initial indications of the workability of employees and managers in your company.
By using this online analysis tool, a very structured presentation of the situation on the net is possible. All results are clearly presented in the form of a "house with the 20 rooms" on the corresponding floors. Here, the results are color-coded and displayed (green- no need for action; blue-medium-term need for action and red-urgent need for action).

How to use the tool

The check consists of a total of 4 question areas with 5 questions each on the following topics:
1. Work, organization, leadership
2. Values, attidudes, motivation
3. Qualification and competence, talent management
4. Health and performance
Accoring to the traffic light system, please tick which statements apply to you and your company (green), which partially apply (blue) and which are rather not (red). You can directly see where there is a need for action in your company to improve the workability.
The online registration by the management takes place first (tool 5B_1_AKKU_Tool_Check workability - management). After completion, the user (manager) receives an ID number, which is passed on to the employees. With this ID number, employees can then log in to complete the check online (tool 5B_2_AKKU_Tool_Check workability - employees).
The following evaluation options are available:
1. Management Evaluation
2. Evaluation of all employees
3. Evaluation of the entire company
4. Deviations: Management to employees
An action plan helps to define the activities and measures that need to be tackled.




20 minutes

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