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 Workplace lighting


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General info
Module: Workplace lighting
Unit 1: General information

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Unit 2: Workplace lighting

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This tool allows micro-enterprises, small business and potential entrepreneurs to understand how lighting installations in workplaces should be conditioned, so that they allow the correct performance of the workers without damaging their visual health. These types of aspects are sometimes overlooked, as specific knowledge is often required. This document offers a guide and questionnaires to understand and adapt lighting conditions to achieve a workspace adapted to the needs of your workers.

Benefits of the tool

Thanks to the guide and questionnaires offered, this tool allows to understand the lighting needs of a workplace, as well as guidelines and tests to make the appropriate corrections and evaluate the requests and needs of workers. We have to be aware of the importance of a good lighting conditioning, because factors such as performance, effectiveness and health of employees can be affected. Hence the need for this tool.

How to use the tool

The next form is arranged in 4 sections.
1. Illumination guide.
2. Illumination questionnaire for the Entrepreneur.
3. Illumination questionnaire for the Workers.
4. Action Plan.
You must read carefully the explanations and guide offered, and then fill out the questionnaire, which will show out the strengths and shortcomings of our workplace. Afterwards, you should provide the employees with the specific questionnaire for them, and evaluate the needs to implement corrections.


Employees and Small and Micro Enterprises Managers, entrepreneurs


30-40 mins

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