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 Labour risks and Prevention services


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General info

The tool aims to inform employees and employers about the labour risk prevention service, to make sure that all rules are complied with, e.g., evaluations, delivery of material, training of employees. These are some of the aspects analysed in the tool, which is useful for the enterprise to know what procedures are needed for the safety of the workers and for the workers to know what they should receive.

Benefits of the tool

The benefits of the tool are to improve the knowledge of companies and their workers on the prevention of occupational risks and to know the measures that prevention services comply with.

How to use the tool

The tool is presented as a checklist, the user will have to read the statements and tick YES or NO. If the answers are YES, he/she will know that he/she is complying with the necessary requirements, but if the answers are NO, he/she will have to look at the aspects that do not respect the necessary measures and act to change them.


Employers and employees from all sectors


20 minutes

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