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 Stress-related work analysis – Staff survey for hospital doctors


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General info

Do you know what the health of your doctors is like? Do you have an insight into how the working conditions of your clinic affect the medical staff in the different departments? If you want to get to the bottom of these processes, ask specifically. No one knows the answers better than your employees themselves.

The aim of this instrument is to reduce stress for employees. The stress-related work analysis supports clinic management.

Benefits of the tool

With the stress-related analysis, you can specifically check the amount of stress of your employees. Please check each individual workplace, as the conditions will always differ.

How to use the tool

The tool supports you in the preparation and the conduction of the analysis and will give you specific derive measures for the reduction of work-related stress for your employees.

This tool covers 4 areas:

1. Guideline to prepare and conduct survey
3. Evaluation
4. Derive measures
5. Action Plan


Managing Directors of hospitals, doctors



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