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 No stress with the stress – Stress Check



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General info

It's not easy to tell if you're just a bit overworked and ready for the holiday or if the stress is making you sick. Your employees may also be exhausted due to constant stress. What about your company?
The aim of this stress check is to recognize one's own stress situation and to make the stress situation transparent with the employees.
The tool is a tool for management. It can be used without external consultants.

Benefits of the tool

The stress check allows you to reduce your own stress and recognize the stress factor of your employees and, depending on the result, to quickly take the right measures to improve the situation. The review takes 10 minutes and thus achieves clear results in the shortest possible time.

How to use the tool

Please tick "yes" if the respective statement is correct. Please choose "yes" or "no", even if it is difficult for you.
In the first part of the stress check, you will find some typical symptoms that will give you clues as to whether your stress exposure is already leading to signs of chronic fatigue or physical illness.
In the second part, you will find corresponding statements on signs that indicate stress among employees in your company.
After processing the two parts of the check, please consider which points you would like to actively tackle in the future:
- Where do you see a need for action?
- What opportunities for improvement are there?
Please enter the necessary measures in the action plan.


Executives, owners and managing directors


10 minutes

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