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 Remote work: Do our workspaces fit our needs?


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General info

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have implemented remote working, as a result, workers had to turn their homes into offices. Despite the resulting compromise to allocate home space for said ‘home offices’, it does not always meet the right security measures. This tool enables an analysis of home working stations to understand whether the adopted measures and habits are adequate, if they were not, advice and recommendations on how to improve them will be provided.

Benefits of the tool

This tool allows the worker to understand if his/her station is well adapted or whether it needs changes in order to boost his/her working activity, at the same time, this tool is also useful for their enterprises, since it will let them know the current state of their workers.

How to use the tool

This tool is presented in the shape of a yes/no survey to be filled by both workers and businesses. Affirmative answers would mean that the measures adopted by workers are correct and no changes should be made, on the other hand, negative answers, would entail reading the recommendations in the last column in order to know what are the measures to take on health, work and effectiveness grounds. Lastly, a checklist will be provided to verify that your home work station takes into account the necessary conditions to work efficiently.


Administration and workers


20 minutes

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