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The Last Transnational Project Meeting of the AKKU Europe Project has been held in Malaga.

Co-funded by the EU, AKKU Europe is a project with the objective of improving workability for micro and small enterprises through multimedia tools. The meeting attendees represented seven institutions from six different countries (Spain, Italy, Belgium, North Macedonia, Germany and Poland).

In order to take inventory of all the actions done and plan future steps, the consortium met in Malaga, Spain, in a meeting hosted by the Spanish partner, Internet Web Solutions. Among the products created during project implementation, a set of more than 30 tools in various formats (infographics, videos, excel-based, brochures, questionnaires, checklists) as well as a selection of programmed, interactive ones were developed.

The project is also concentrating its efforts on disseminating its results to all kinds of interested parties: lawmakers and authorities, MSMEs (at both management and staff levels) and VET and Adult Education professionals
The meeting was held without incidents and all the topics on the agenda were discussed. All members of the consortium were satisfied with the development and objective achievement of the Project.