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 Employee appraisal


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General info

The employee appraisal is used as a measure of personnel management. The exchange between supervisors and employees can take place in short and regular time intervals, but in practice there are often longer periods of time. Half-yearly or annual appraisals are used. Employees receive feedback on the status of the job as well as prospects for the coming months and years. At the same time, your own questions and concerns can be answered.
For managers, such an employee appraisal has the advantage that feedback (in both directions) can be given in a quiet atmosphere. Ideally, the employee appraisals are used to design and drive forward personnel development in a targeted manner.

Benefits of the tool

This guideline enables you to optimally design the framework conditions for your employee appraisals, to conduct the interview according to a guideline and to document it. If employee appraisals are held once a year, this enables future-oriented (personnel) work in your company.
Please describe in advance what you would like to achieve with the interview! This is also important for employees.
The goals of employee appraisals can be the following:
- Collect information about customers, projects, orders, etc.
- Identify the existing competencies of individual employees and the entire workforce, identify training needs and point out career prospects.
Dealing with acute crises and conflicts, e.g., within the workforce.

How to use the tool

The employee appraisal tool consists of 3 parts:
A) General conditions
- Please read the chapter Framework conditions first. Try to meet all the points mentioned. In this way, you create a good basis for ensuring that your employee appraisals are successful.
B) The conversation in detail
- All necessary questions of an employee appraisal are listed here. Read the process of the employee appraisal carefully in advance and consider which questions you would like to ask. Please note that the questions are only exemplary and should be changed or supplemented according to your specific operational requirements.
C) The form for the interview
Use the interview form to document the interview.


Executives, owners and managing directors


60 minutes

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