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 Business Development Plan


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General info

This tool allows potential entrepreneurs to recognise their qualities and exploit them thanks to a business plan. Before we start an enterprise, we must think of ourselves. Recognising our strengths and weaknesses, seeking inspiration from other entrepreneurs or setting goals, obstacles or scenarios will help us understand the dynamics and possible situations in which we may find ourselves once we start our business. This form will allow you to analyse all these aspects succinctly and effectively.

Benefits of the tool

Thanks to the guidelines offered by this tool, it is possible to understand our entrepreneur features, both those we must boost and those we must correct. Thinking of our references and objectives is necessary to implement our business plan, and to know how to react in every commercial situation. Anticipation is a must in our entrepreneurial journey, and a good action plan of our business can make the difference.

How to use the tool

The next form is arranged in 5 sections:
1. Entrepreneur features form.
2. References form.
3. Scenarios form.
4. Objectives form.
5. Action plan.

The entrepreneur must read the indications in each section and reflect about each field in the chart. After this, the chart must be filled with the required information, so that it can be consulted, updated and shared with our team.


Small and micro-business, entrepreneurs.


30-120 min

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