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General info

In many cases, working at a desk and on the screen is associated with special and sometimes very high loads, which can be avoided by a good design of the workplaces. As a result, the long-term maintenance of the workability can be supported by usually only small changes.
The aim of this instrument is to improve office activities in such a way that employees can carry out their work in a healthy and unrestricted manner until retirement.

Benefits of the tool

With the Check Office Workplace, you can specifically check the quality of the workplace in your office. Please check each individual workplace, as the conditions will always differ. The Check Office Workplace can serve as an introduction to a comprehensive risk assessment.

How to use the tool

After you have described the workplace in a first step, please tick whether your workplace is optimal in the points mentioned ("yes") or not ("no").
If possible, make small changes directly and then evaluate your workplace after the change. If necessary, please explain your assessment in the column "Remarks" to be able to refer to it when developing design measures.

The Check Office Workplace covers the following areas:
1.Job description
2.Arrangement of work equipment in the room
3.Lighting and lighting conditions
4.Indoor climate and noise
5.Worktable, work surface
6.Arrangement of work equipment
7.Office work chairs
8.Emergency care
9.Ladders and steps


Executives, owners and managing directors, employees


20 minutes

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