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 Workability and AKKU Europe Project



In a first step, the users of the project and the instruments must understand the meaning of the concept of workability. With this instrument we give an insight into the background and the meaning of the term, explain in detail the “House of Workability” according to Prof Ilmarinen and the advantages of classifying all AKKU instruments within the house.
In addition, we provide an overview of the instruments, their focal points and their possible applications.

Benefits of the tool

The reader or student will get an excellent overview of all the aspects of workability, the „Houses of Workability“ and all the tools developed in the AKKU Europe Project.

How to use the tool

The tool is organised in form of a presentation to learn step by step all the important aspects of workability and the house of workability.


Executives, owners, managing directors and employees


60-120 min

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