General information

Designing Work Sessions Well – Designing change management processes in small companies

Kind of tool:
Target group:
Executives, owners and managing directors 
Duration in minutes:
1-3 hours 
Description of the tool:
Especially in small businesses, it is important that everyone pulls together. Especially in the case of change management processes, employees often react angrily if they are not informed in good time. It is often also helpful to involve employees in important change processes right from the start. In this way, a common understanding of the necessary measures can be created. One possibility for the participation of employees is the implementation of topic-related work sessions. The tool is of great importance to approach problem solving in the direction of company development in an employee-oriented manner.  
Benefit of the tool:
The present action guide provides information on how to conduct a well-designed working session and can be used for many different topics. You will receive specific information for the planning, preparation and implementation of a working session. 
1-3 hours 
How to use the tool:
Before a work session is conducted, you should consider whether a work session is suitable for this, its problem is to be solved. The following questions will help you: When does a working session make sense? - If you have any questions or problems... - If something is to be done with the results afterwards... - When there are many different opinions and ideas... - When new ideas are sought... - If an agreement is to be reached in a group... When is working session not useful? - For clearly defined tasks, where every work step is known... - For routine tasks... - If only one opinion is allowed... The tool supports in all individual steps to carry out the session effectively: 1. Planning and preparation of the working session 2. Conduct of the working session 3. Moderation of a working session 4. The session: 1. Collecting ideas 2. Organizing the ideas 3. Evaluating 4. Working in groups 5. Presenting group results 6. Evaluating solutions 7. Planning of measures for concrete measures 8. Action plan  
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