General information

Digitalisation quick test - 1

Kind of tool:
Target group:
Employers, small and micro enterprise managers, employees 
Duration in minutes:
20 minutes 
Description of the tool:
Measure your digital maturity in just a few minutes. Digital transformation only succeeds completely - or not at all. Digital transformation requires enormous changes - that is clear to every company by now. But technological solutions alone are not enough. Digitalisation affects all areas of your company - from strategy to customer relations to corporate culture. The aim of this instrument is to give you an evaluation of your digital transformation process.  
Benefit of the tool:
With this tool you get an overview of your digital transformation process in the company. 
20 minutes 
How to use the tool:
The tool is arranged in 3 sections. 1. Filling out the questionnaire 2. Using the Evaluation Tool for the analysis 3. Prepare the Action Plan  
Floor and Area:
SensibilizationAnalyzingRealization tools
Work organization
Values and settings
Qualification and competence
Health and performance

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