General information

Labour Risk Prevention

Kind of tool:
Target group:
Managers and Young workers. 
Duration in minutes:
30 minutes 
Description of the tool:
This tool is useful for young employees to be aware of labour risks that can occur at the workplace and to know how to prevent them. The working environment can cause safety hazards for workers, represented by ladders, computers or other IT equipment. In these cases, the attitude of the worker is fundamental, in fact, in order to prevent risks, he or she should always use the equipment and working tools correctly and inform a superior if there are risks. With the following guidelines, young workers and their managers will receive recommendations concerning safety in the office, the preventive measures they can follow to avoid risks and hazards, and to ensure appropriate working arrangements for the worker.  
Benefit of the tool:
Thanks to the guidelines offered by this tool on occupational risks and their prevention, managers and young workers will have information and a reference to check their compliance with the requirements. To make this more visual and easier, they can tick the boxes in green, blue and red. The first one, the green one, helps them to indicate that everything is correct and that they already comply with the requirement; the second one, the blue one, indicates that something needs to be added/changed; the red section, on the other hand, should be ticked to indicate that new measures need to be taken and concrete changes need to be implemented in order to comply with the guideline 
30 minutes 
How to use the tool:
The following guidelines are arranged in 4 areas: 1. Risks in the management of young talent. 2. Risks at the office. 3. Risks and prevention. 4. Postural hygiene. 5. Workplace measures. The first step is for the company managers to read the guidelines and tick the box in green, blue or red, depending on the measures taken in their company. In this way they will be able to identify which guidelines are already in place, which ones should undergo minor changes and which ones need to be radically changed. This will allow them to quickly and visibly identify what needs to be done and they will be able to make a "to do list" to identify the measures they will need to implement to ensure safety in the workplace. In addition, the managers should also provide the guidelines to the employees, so that they can take note of them and take care of themselves.  
Floor and Area:
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Health and performance

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